Temporary Menopause – Sounds Fun…

My body is mad. It’s a not washing, living on soggy cereal and cups of lemon and ginger tea kind of week. I had to stop my Loestrin 20 pill so that I can start on the Decapeptyl injections on Friday – I thought having a period in between would be good, but my body just isn’t playing ball. This body of mine does not like changes in hormones…

The idea with the injections is that they put me into a sort of temporary menopause. My gynaecologist thinks that it’ll be interesting to see how my body reacts to my ovaries not churning out all the oestrogen and progesterone. The thing is, it’s only for six months. He put it out there that removing my ovaries in the next 5 years might be the way forward. I absolutely did not expect this chat – but then again, I sort of expected him to try and tell me there was no hard evidence that hormones affect hypermobility. No ovaries means no babies. I always thought I’d have a family one day. The thing is, I can’t look after myself right now, never mind a baby. I have a crappy quality of life and am in constant pain. Is not having a family going to be the price I pay for being a fully functioning human being? Would I ever be content knowing that I made the decision not to have a baby? I don’t know. I’m trying not to dwell on it until I know that the injections help. Tinkering with hormones might not be the answer.


In other news, my new shower stool came this week. Our en-suite shower is tiny (and a bit gross, don’t look too closely) and needed a compact stool. It really does make life easier when you aren’t so worried about passing out in the shower. Hooray! That said, I’m still not planning to wash today.


My powerchair poncho came too. It’s fucking ridiculous, I know. But Aberdeen in the wintertime tends to be wet, cold and windy. Nothing prepares you for how cold it is outside in a powerchair. I don’t plan on using it often, but I can pop it in my backpack and have it for when I’m coming out of the supermarket and it’s pissing it down. Sometimes, you just have to accept that certain mobility aides cannot be sexy.

Ren x


14 thoughts on “Temporary Menopause – Sounds Fun…

  1. one L of a Journey says:

    Are you talking about Lupron Depot shots? If so, I did them a couple (or ten) years back for endometriosis. The shots but me in a chemically-induced menopause and it was hell. It did help with pain for a few months but was not a long-term solution. It is worth looking into more, though, as I am starting to learn that my lupron shots may be the source of some of my chronic pain issues in recent years. Here if you have any questions, gentle hugs xx

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      1. brokendownbody says:

        I think I just need to see if having less hormones helps my pain. I’m getting desperate. Do you have any links or websites that talk about it maybe causing chronic pain? I couldn’t mind much. Thanks for saying!


      2. one L of a Journey says:

        Completely understandable… I was desperate and tried ANYTHING that could help… at the time it did. I am not a “true believer” and just believe that those of us with autoimmune diseases are cursed with being susceptible to other autoimmune diseases.

        The best resource I’ve found thus far has been in a facebook group called Nancy’s Nook (https://www.facebook.com/groups/418136991574617/) you have to join but there is a lot of amazing research in the file section.

        I am planning a post series soon on Lupron using this research and more, but I have not done it yet 😦

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  2. squidgeaboo says:

    I was on Lupron for 18 months and it was hell. Granted, this was over 20 years ago, it may have changed. The more I was on it, the worse my memory and other unrelated symptoms became. I truly do not understand why doctors want to rip out body parts when there may be other choices. We did discuss this before, though, didn’t we, about continuous birth control not being viable? There is nothing wrong with not having a period. It’s improved my life significantly, and I was able to have the kids I wasn’t sure about then, but am super glad I had. 😍

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    1. brokendownbody says:

      Ah, i was on depo provera for years and it all went a bit nuts. I suddenly started bleeding heavily And my EDS became a nightmare. I’ve tried carrying on packs of low dose pills to miss my period but it just leaves me feeling like my entire skeleton has toothache. Instead of good days and bad days, every day is about a 6/10 pain wise. Gah.


  3. bowermanland says:

    I had to admit to myself that I would not be able to look after a child. Every now and then I think about how other disabled people cope, but I have to admit I’m not one of them. You could always have some eggs frozen if you do decide to have your ovaries out. My Mum had them out because of cancer age 40 and she was fine. Didn’t even get hot flushes, no thin bones. Yes, that’s much older than you, but it’s still young. Why are there clear patches in your poncho over the hands? I’ve had a stool (not the poop kind) in my shower for a decade: I fucking love it. I love washing my feet.

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    1. brokendownbody says:

      Lying in bed laughing at the idea of you having a turd in your shower for 10 years. Gah ha ha.

      The clear bits are so i can see the speed dial/buttons.

      I am trying not to get upset about things out with my control… It’s hard, but i’m getting better 😊

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  4. bowermanland says:

    I’ve had other things in my shower for 10 years… but I do clean out the plughole hair rat monster on a regular basis. I’m so used to things being beyond my control that people are shocked by it. But that is not a good way to be either: I think it’s best to choose your battles. You have fought to keep mobile. I almost gave up on that.

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