Muggle flu and drug induced wisdom…

This blog is being brought to you from my death bed… Okay, it’s not. But I feel like crap. I am propped up in bed with several pillows, have a hot water bottle at my feet, my slanket up over my arms and a box of chocolates to nibble on. For the past two days, I’ve pretty much lay in bed scrolling down my Facebook news feed, then Twitter, read some blogs, watched some TED, snoozed and then repeated. This is not because of EDS, this is some messed up Muggle Flu. I mean, it’s not real flu – I have a sore throat, sore ears, a cough, sore sinuses and snot-fest… But I’ll surely start to feel better in a few days.


All the Facebook scrolling has allowed me to come to a bit of a realisation. Able bodied, healthy people are never going to understand chronic illness. People are genuinely more bothered that I have some grotty virus and look and sound like crap than they are when my Sacroiliac Joint (that attaches my pelvis to my spine) attempts to escape the confines of my body or my shoulder is hanging off my body in a weird zombie-esque fashion. I’m not sure if it’s due to a lack of ability to empathise with something they have never experienced or/and an element of disbelief that someone really can function day-to-day in that much pain. Maybe people just need to be able to see illness to believe it. Whatever it is, I need to stop looking for understanding.

It’s a bit of a funny one because things like ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia could strike anyone at any time – you’d think people would want to be more aware. But then again, no Muggle ever thinks it’ll happen to them. I wouldn’t say I’ve ever been in brilliant health, but I used to climb walls and hike up mountains for fun. At no point in my twenties did I ever think that my future involved constant pain and to rely on a freakin’ wheelchair. I knew a couple of disabled people in my teens and early twenties, but I was so painfully ignorant. When I was 16 I dated a guy with IBD and I genuinely thought he was a bit of a wimp because I simply didn’t believe that he could feel so bad or be in so much pain. That’s just having an upset stomach, right? Wrong. To be fair, almost 12 years ago, there weren’t websites like The Mighty highlighting chronic illness/rare illness/disabilities. I’m not attempting to justify my previously extremely sheltered views and ignorance (not forgetting cruelty) regarding chronic illness, but nowadays, there really is NO excuse to pretend these conditions aren’t real and don’t ruin lives.


But anyway, I can’t run around in circles searching for validation from friends and family because it’s never going to happen. I spent a year in excruciating pain fighting with doctors to take my pain seriously and to stop treating my like a “hysterical” woman. I am exhausted and can’t fight it all any more. My pain and my struggles are real and I know it. My partner knows it and my doctors know it. This is my life now. I will celebrate the good days, welcome in the people who have hung around and cut loose the ones who are detrimental to my well-being. I need to spend my life making the most of every good moment and having happy times with my boyfriend and bunnies. Of course, the bad times will still be absolute bullshit that sometimes make me want to die, but I don’t need other people to understand them for them to be real… I just need to be able to get through them and come out the other side. This doesn’t make me stronger or anything sentimental like that… I just have to do it because I don’t have another choice.

Ren x

P.S. This does not mean I’m going to start being okay with people being assholes to me when it comes to my illness or my wheelchair. Those fuckers’ heads are still on blocks. Is is a matter of principle and me exercising my right to be treated like a human being.


4 thoughts on “Muggle flu and drug induced wisdom…

  1. ribbonrx says:

    Well said, Ren! I agree that no matter how hard Muggles try (or don’t try, for that matter), they will never understand what it’s like to deal with chronic illness, even if they do have the best of intentions. I hope your flu goes away soon!

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  2. ladytappe says:

    I woke up with some crap this morning, literally. Barely got outta bed and it is now officially afternoon. Really rough to deal with some bug on top of the EDS. This too shall pass?
    I hear you about “people” not understanding how EDS impacts your life. I find I have a difficult time explaining it to myself.
    I took early retirement 14 months ago and although I could have gotten medical retirement, it just wasn’t worth the fight. I have been trying to figure out what my role in life should be besides resident caretaker of the homestead or if that should just be enough? I have had a LOT of alone time and I have enjoyed it for the most part. To me, most people are just drama I don’t need.
    Funny that feeling unwell most of my life and trying to keep up with other people’s drama when they don’t afford me the same caring, I don’t seek out others to add to my circle.
    Guess it makes us very self aware and also makes it easy to read others easily; makes people uneasy when they know you know.
    We’ll I hope whatever bug bit you and me is now dead. Feel better.

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    1. brokendownbody says:

      Oh no!! There are some pretty horrible bugs going around. I’m sure I picked this one up when my sister took me to the cinema on Saturday. Grumble.

      I quite enjoy the days when I’ve managed to get the house looking ship-shape and have dinner on before he gets home from work. I get a lot of positive feels from looking after the man who looks after (and loves) me, so I’m counting that as my calling.

      Hope you feel better soon too – and that you have lots of soft tissues in the house. If you have the same bug as me, you’re gonna need them tomorrow when snot-fest 2017 really kicks in! x

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