Freeeeedom! – Well, Italian food and La La Land…

Last night was so fun. It came with its own stresses, but it was a resounding success. I had a sneaky wee friend-date with my pal before she skedaddles to the other side of the world on holiday for months.

She’s great because she realises the extent of my pain and embraces the logistical and emotional difficulties that come with me leaving the house… but she is completely un-phased by it. It gives me a huge boost in confidence when someone is chilled about my wheelchair – but not so relaxed that they pretend it’s not there, because that doesn’t help either. Not many people have the outlook that it’s “just another way to travel”… But I guess she is right. Just sometimes, my way doesn’t fit through doors, or up kerbs. Sometimes I run over toes or dent door frames with my required mode of transport. Oops. But everything is fun with her. Nothing is a stress! I know that I can’t expect everyone to share her way of looking at life, but It makes me feel really good about getting out and I need that so much right now.

We went for dinner and to the cinema because my CEA card came. This magical little card costs me £6 for a year, but allows me to bring a carer to the cinema with me for free. In my case, a carer needs to carry my popcorn, help me to and from my wheelchair and generally provide moral (and sometimes physical) support. I guess that if I took my manual chair, they would also be my pusher. Cineworld accept the CEA card alongside an “unlimited” card, so when I go, I don’t need to pay anything – just that awful direct debit that comes out every month. *shudder*

Yeah, I’m not stupid enough to upload my CEA card to the internet… But it looks like this!

Anyway, Bella Italia was amazing. Completely wheelchair friendly, food was great (and easy for me to eat with my gubbed hands) and the server guy was lovely too. It’s not uncommon for people to talk to my able bodied friend and to completely ignore me, but this didn’t happen. Perhaps the guy was just really comfortable with disability, whatever it was, being spoken to like a normal human being absolutely made my day. I do slightly regret opting for the delicious, garlic-fest bruschetta, my breath must have been stinking in the cinema. Bah ha ha. Also, annoyingly, because I had to take a Zopiclone sleeping tablet the night before, everything tasted metallic. Yuck. I really try not to take them, but I hadn’t slept well for about a week and I was feeling more and more like a tightly coiled spring. No one was safe.

We watched La La Land. Not going to lie here, I didn’t even want to see it… And I hate to admit this, but it was really good. It was pretty much my month’s allocation of tolerable hipster/twee/romantic bullshit, but it was very enjoyable. Ryan Gosling is pretty dreamy. It was very aesthetically pleasing and just a nice little film, really.

LLL d 29 _5194.NEF

It was kind of damp and cold when we left. This resulted in my wheelchair refusing to mount a dropped kerb while sitting in the middle of the road. Thankfully my pal thought nothing of giving me a shove, and we were back on our way! People don’t realise what a poor leg- replacement wheelchairs really are, especially in a damp, cold climate. But it was a success. I came home smiling and so, so glad I went out. And it hasn’t absolutely pummelled me today – HOORAY!!


Another weird thing happened yesterday. I called to make an appointment with my GP. Because she is super lovely and good at her job, she is extremely busy. Having had the “yes, I know she’s really busy, but I’m happy to wait to see her” conversation with the receptionist – Monday. I have a GP appointment on Monday. I have definitely gone to sleep and woken up in a parallel universe. Hopefully the GP can look at my ankles and suggest what I could be doing to make them so, incredibly painful. It could be related to this pill, in which case, we’ll need to change it because this is torture.

Ren x



2 thoughts on “Freeeeedom! – Well, Italian food and La La Land…

  1. bowermanland says:

    Nice. Good days need to be documented. I’m still not seeing La La Land: give me proper dancer shit from the 1930’s. Though I did see Black Swan the other day and was impressed by Portman’s acting, but the dancing was naff.

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