The Lion and the Peacock

Next time I’m complaining that my Ehlers Danlos Syndrome has turned me into a useless blob, I’m going to remind myself that my fellow EDS-er, blogger and spoonie wrote a freakin’ book!


It’s not very long, in fact, it only took me an hour to read it on my Kindle app – which is good as an hour is just about the limit of my attention span these days. The Lion and the Peacock is a short book about Jennifer Peacock-Smith’s battle with anxiety. I believe that it was due to be a chapter within a larger book, but the decision was made to make it into a short publication in its own right. It works really well in this format.

I don’t suffer particularly from anxiety, but I care very much about a few people who do. This book explains in some relatable anecdotes just WHY anxiety behaves like it does. The author talks about how she conquered this illness and I can absolutely see why her approach would work for many people. If anxiety is a part of your life, it’s worth an hour of your life to read about Jennifer’s technique. It changed her life, it might change yours too.

Amazon Link UK
Amazon Link USA

I believe that in the coming days, this book will become FREE to download on Amazon for Kindle (or the app) for a very limited time. Please keep an eye on the link – or if you can, just buy it. Help a spoonie out! If you do read it, please leave a review. Reviews seem to be how books are sold these days.

Thanks for reading. Hopefully you all enjoy Jen’s book as much as I did.

Ren x


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