Signs of Life

Hey blog-land.

I’ve not forgotten you. It’s just that Christmas > Wedding > New Year in the space of a week has absolutely fucking ruined me. I need to spend a lot of time in bed with J looking after me. I do not feel good. I don’t even feel okay. I feel fucking horrendous. I think my hair is the only thing that doesn’t hurt. I managed to keep going until I ended up continually just crying at people – that was when it was 100% time to come home. I’ll blog soon. But for now, I need to sleep, mooch about and eat junk food.

It’s worth being done if it means getting to be on the arm of this hunk ❤

Happy new year to all of my fellow spoonies. I hope that 2017 finds us all miraculous cures. Until then, there is gin.

Luckily I have plenty of gin, thanks to Santa!

Ren x


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