Happy Holidays!

Oh man, I really do detest that phrase. It’s no shocker that I’m not exactly a member of the politically correct brigade… but this just irks me more than most. The first Christmas card we received was from my Muslim friend. The first person to message me on Christmas day was a Jewish friend who wished me a Merry Christmas. I wished her a “Super Sunday” and that was that. Yes, Christmas pertains to the religion of Christianity, but it is also a massive, consumer driver holiday where regardless of religion (or lack thereof) people sit around, eat too much, spend too much and get pissed while playing board games and watching terrible television. People who try and get offended over someone wishing them well are just absolute poo-heads and I can’t be arsed with them.

We spent Christmas this year at J’s folks’ place which is a 2 and a half hour drive from where we live. We took the bunnies, presents, clothes for 10 days, clothes for Christmas day, his brother’s wedding and a New Years Eve party… So I didn’t have any room for all the things that usually contribute to my comfort levels. To say I’m suffering would be an understatement. Christmas day was lovely, dinner was epic, many drinks were had, games played and quizzes won! J’s parents got me a whole bunch of presents which was lovely and unexpected and the bunnies LOVE this house – though I do feel somewhat guilty about it slowly becoming a barnyard because of all the hay…

J’s family are the most lovely people in the world. Annoyingly, however, my connective tissue doesn’t know about, or care about the difference between nice people and mean people and my body is giving it a giant “FUCK YOOOOOU LAUREN!!” today for being constantly on the go. There isn’t much I can do about it. I just need to hang in there until the 1st of January when we can toodle home and I can spend a week or two apologising to my body for asking it to try and function on a basic level for a couple of weeks without my wheelchair… I need to try not to pop any joints out and just deal with the trapped nerves, flu like aches, headaches, exhaustion and acid reflux. That’ll be fine… right? Just keep swimming….


Ren x



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