But I don’t care about politics…

I have a spoonie blogger friend who is far more informed on this subject than I am, please check out her blog for some concise, factual posts of a similar nature: ZebraWitch

I’m going to be honest: Until I got sick, I wasn’t really interested in politics. Until oil prices started to crash and his job became unstable, J wasn’t especially interested. For a great many people, we only really look into the way the country is run when it is no longer meeting our needs. No one likes taxes going up or cuts to the NHS, but regular healthy, working people don’t tend to lose sleep over it.

I am more passionate about politics than ever. Now I see why people detest the Tories.

In Scotland, The SNP are the head honchos right now – and I’m glad. Nicola Sturgeon is formidable. I don’t always agree with all of her policies, but she wants what is best for us and we need that. When Boris, Nigel and their gang set the Brexit fire and watched the UK burn, who was the only politician who stood up and said that we’re not accepting that? Our wee pocket rocket, Nikki Sturgeon! It’s worth mentioning that when powers such as disability benefits are devolved to Scotland, she wants to do away with the constant, soul destroying assessments for sick and disabled people. I don’t think she’ll ever truly know how much of a relief that would be to someone like me.

Kirsty Blackman at PMQs

On a more local note – My local MP, Kirsty Blackman, is bloody fantastic. Just yesterday she stood up at PMQs and asked Theresa May “How can the Prime Minister sleep in her warm bed at night knowing her Government’s policies have consigned people to a cold Christmas?” – Fuck you, May. Of course the old boot had a smarmy answer about austerity being about living within our means… So, what about me? My income is £0 right now thanks to the ridiculous farce that is disability benefits under the Tory government. Should I just starve? Should I curl up and die along with all of the other disabled people? Is that what benefit scrounging scum deserve? Theresa May certainly seems to think so.

Thankfully Kirsty Blackman MP and my local MSP, Kevin Stewart do not agree. Between them they have written, on my behalf, to the Health Secretary TWICE, Aberdeen Council and the Chief Executive of NHS Grampian. Neither of them are okay with the shocking treatment (or lack thereof) that is available to me on the NHS or the fact that because I can walk a bit, I don’t qualify for a wheelchair on the NHS. Kevin Stewart MSP has been in regular contact about my ESA and PIP claims and is not going to sit back and watch while a legitimately sick person is left to rot by the DWP.

It’d be so easy for me to just throw in the towel and say that I can’t carry on. The fight seems never ending. I have paid taxes my whole life. J pays a disgusting amount of tax, not that it should matter. I just want some help from the system that I’ve paid into for the best part of ten years. I didn’t bring on this illness, it’s genetic. I’d be up the proverbial creek without a paddle if it wasn’t for my local politicians looking after me right now. At least now I have a paddle. I’m still in a tiny, restrictive, lonely little boat in a creek of faeces, but with the help of Kirsty and Kevin, at least that doesn’t always have to be the case. Maybe one day I’ll get a bigger boat.

Ren x


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