EDS, JHS, ESA, PIP and the DWP – FML, my life has become one big acronym.

OMG, FFS this is RIDICULOUS. Being sick is complicated enough without all the acronyms. Every time I explain an aspect of my super fun sickie life to someone, I also have to explain all of the associated acronyms.

Sometimes I resent the fact that my illness is complicated, but at least I finally have a name for it. I am now a grown woman who lives with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome/Joint Hypermobility Syndrome (depending on which doctor you ask) and people can google that if they want. I mean, they can ask me about my illness… But people seem to prefer the method whereby they overwhelm themselves with barrages of information that’s not relevant to me or my particular flavour of EDS, and proceed to make assumptions that are irritating, verging on offensive to me. SMH. It’s annoying, but it is preferable to the times when I was just that girl who was “still sick” and how people doubted it because it wasn’t easily explainable. I mean, people still doubt it… But that’s because they are assholes, IMO.

If I think someone is being an asshole about my EDS, I like to throw all of my acronyms at them. I like them to have to stop me, mid-sentence, to ask what JHS is because it makes the subtle point that if you don’t live with a body that hates you, then you probably have never learned the difference between ESA and PIP and how ATOS is a little known abbreviation for Absolute Thundering Obnoxious Shitheads. If you don’t know what these things are, you cannot possibly understand the unimaginable stress that they cause. TBH, I quite enjoy watching people squirm when they realise how little they know about my illness inflicted, tiny little (and getting smaller) world – having previously thought that they have had repetitive strain in their shoulder so they totally know what my life is like. It’s GR8 that you once had to claim Jobseekers allowance, but it’s not the same. Imagine you didn’t have a job, but you had to prove it… but some thundercunt repeatedly said you were lying and that you had a job… despite you 100% not having a job. Imagine fighting that fight, day in, day out with the flu, having been in a car crash. That’s more like it.

So, while I’m living with the SSDD, the world keeps spinning, GoT tells me that winter is coming. Winter hates people with EDS, JSYK. My days are getting increasingly more painful and my energy levels are nil. Basically, it’s a laugh a minute and you should try it sometime. J/K.

Ren x


12 thoughts on “EDS, JHS, ESA, PIP and the DWP – FML, my life has become one big acronym.

  1. bowermanland says:

    As soon as someone I’m talking too needs ESA explaining to them (which means they don’t take in national news or worse, don’t give a shit) that’s it. The conversation stops there, because I don’t have the energy to explain everything I know I’m going to need to explain. Also, my Sister-in-Law used to work for ATOS – very high up in the parent company- Christmas was awkward.

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      1. bowermanland says:

        Her daughter has a hole in the heart, that they all pretend isn’t happening. Before she’d get pregnant by my brother, she had us write down all the illnesses in our family, and pass her the letters from my doctors…

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  2. bowermanland says:

    Also I once acted super surprised to a friend (who’s all into memes etc. etc.) that she didn’t know EDS, ESA, PIP, JSA, ATOS and MAXIMUS – and declaimed ‘You’re not very up-to-date with your Acro-nomaclature’…

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  3. ZebraWitch says:

    Yeaaaahhh tell em!
    The abbreviations break me. As do shitcunts presuming to know the struggle.

    I had a friend who has completely ignored everything happening to me for the past year randomly call the other day, ask me ALL THE QUESTIONS I covered in that blog post about questions from friends late to the party… then she likened my situation to her friend’s (he has visual migraines… as do I) and she suggested I try hypnotherapy. X

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