Two Minutes of Bald Bunnies

Ah, Pets at Home… Where in an act of remembrance for the dead, righteous middle aged woman are rude to the living.

Okay, it was 11am on the 11th day of the 11th month and I forgot. I forgot because I had been at the vet for the second day in a row with another super stressed out bunny. I forgot because I haven’t slept. I have an ear infection. I am in an ungodly amount of pain and can’t take my wheelchair to the vets because wheelchair + pet carrier = accident waiting to happen. I just wanted to grab a willow chew toy for the buns to cheer them up and get home. I didn’t want to stand for two minutes while three righteous, middle aged woman sneered at me for being a disrespectful youngster who forgot that it was Armistice Day. I didn’t want poor Penelope stressed out her box due to the huge dog that was “working” behind reception. The whole thing was bollocks. It wasn’t an act of honouring the people who gave their life for our freedom, it was an excuse for some uppity middle aged woman to sneer/bark at anyone who for, whatever reason, may have other things on their mind – like having pain akin to the fire of a thousand suns raging in their lower back and desperately wanting to get home.

I used to work in Pets at Home as a teenager. I did an announcement on the store loudspeaker a minute beforehand – simples. If someone had proceeded to come to reception, I’d have said “sorry, we’re observing two minutes silence” and smiled. There is no need to be a dick about it.

Anyway, assholes aside – The vets (Vets 4 Pets) are brilliant. They were great with the budgies and they are great with the bunnies. We had to get Nigel shaved yesterday because this moult has left his wool (yes, angora WOOL) growing in like felt. We could honestly employ someone on a full-time basis to groom him and he would still never have been mat free. Also, grooming a previously neglected angora rabbit is a new sort of fresh hell for all involved. He hates us, we feel like jerks… We are all EXHASUTED. It’s not ideal. So his two very favourite vet nurses, with the patience of saints, clipped him. The end result is HILARIOUS. Poor Nigel. He has a wee jumper on at night and we’ve adjusted the heating timer to come on for a bit at 3am, so he’s definitely not cold!


Penelope was in getting vaccinated today. Pets at Home give you a free vaccination voucher when you adopt an un-vaccinated bunny, so we got that done. Except, in a sleep deprived, high pain, drug addled month, I had let the voucher expire by two days. Thankfully, due to the vet being a lovely lady, she honoured the voucher anyway. Yay! It’s really quite touching how much the staff love Nigel and Penny, especially the nurse who clipped him. I was chatting to the vet about how much happiness the little fluff balls bring me and she 100% got it! Most people just think I’m mad.


Anyway, there will be more photos of baldy Nigel in coming weeks because his little naked butt is freakin’ adorable. I might just order more of the bun’s supplies online, if Pets at Home are going to be dicks. Morons are plentiful in the form of medical professionals and the DWP without a fucking pet shop ramping up my stress levels.

I’m just going to chill with my bunnies and ignore humans for the rest of the week…

Ren x


One thought on “Two Minutes of Bald Bunnies

  1. bowermanland says:

    He’s fucking outrageously adorable bald. That pattern on his skin is amazing. Now I just want to see the other one shaved… that’s quite wrong of me, isn’t it? Are you going to get him a little Christmas jumper? Please document the re-growth. I’ve never stood for the 2 mins silence etc. I’ve never been asked why, but if I did, I’d say ‘It’s not the law’. The only thing like that I’ve observed was the 2 mins silence after the London bombings in 2005 – and that was because I was very closely connected to it: I worked off Trafalgar Square, so the day we got the Olympics we had a party – the next day we were blown up – and it was a train I should have been on that was got. So all the workers in the area came out, we lined the Mall – all the staff of the private clubs, the galleries, Buckingham Palace and everything went silent for 2 minutes. The other day I got the stink eye from a very large man who wanted my seat on the bus. I was sitting in the disabled seat and he was really trying to intimidate me. I just kept smiling at him. Old people are worse – they feel they have the right to comment – and no one will call them an arsehole. Old people can be arseholes – people don’t grow out of being twats, they just become smaller, wrinklier twats.

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