How Huel helps me with my chronic illness.

First up: I want to make it crystal clear that this post is completely my own doing. I paid for my own product and decided to try it of my own accord – having first consulted my doctor. I just think it’s worth sharing this experience with my fellow spoonies because it seems to be benefiting me.


Huel is not a weight loss plan, nor does it claim that it will make you beautiful or strong. It is a convenience. It claims to be a balanced meal replacement and that you can safely live on it – though some people may wish to do this, I love food. I want to eat all the food.

But I can’t eat all the food because my body is a jerk. There are getting to be more and more days that I am so sore and fatigued that I can’t make myself a sandwich. I had found myself either living on cereal or simply not eating until my partner got home from work to cook. This is not ideal and leads to my blood sugar levels going wonky, palpitations, more fatigue, snacking on junk and the worst of all… hanger. Then the Facebook algorithm gods smacked an advert for Huel in my face.

I looked into it, I consulted the world of Facebook friends which gave me both positive and negative reviews. Basically, I was going to have to try it myself. It’s not cheap. For £45 I got two big bags of Huel, a free shaker and a free t-shirt! This should be 28 meals, but that depends very much if you want a meal of Huel or just a balanced snack. If you’re “snacking” then this is going to last you for ages – luckily it keeps for a year – it is also vegan so my sister will be over to steal some soon!

Because I’m easing myself into it, I use one scoop a day which is like having a bag of crisps – except with far more nutritional value than a bag of crunchy, salty crisps. I’d rather have the crisps, if I’m honest… But I do, grudgingly, feel better having the Huel instead. Today I had some cereal for breakfast and now it’s 3.30pm and I still haven’t eaten. I am too sore and knackered to be faffing around in the kitchen, so I’m having the pint of Huel that I made this morning and left in the fridge. Anyone who is aware of the spoon theory  will know that if you can eat well without using up any spoons, okay, maybe half a spoon, then that makes a massive difference to the day! The chronically ill are all far too familiar with what it’s like not to eat because you just can’t manage.

It’s a bit like drinking a breakfast biscuit. The taste is kind of oaty with a hint of vanilla and I assume I’ll get used to the slightly grainy texture. It’s something I can experiment with and have so far found out that it works to dump a spoonful of instant coffee and some ice cubes in there. It also helps to blend it, as opposed to shaking – spoons allowing. I sort of wish I’d ordered one of the flavour packs to add, but I just couldn’t justify the expense.

Anyway, I like it. I don’t love it. I may grow to love it. My body prefers it to crisps, so I’m sticking with it.

Ren x



6 thoughts on “How Huel helps me with my chronic illness.

  1. bowermanland says:

    I’m going to investigate this. I’ve never thought of myself as having a food/nutrition problem even though I’m on prescription vitamins and twice my GP and other specialists have said my blood is that of a clinically malnourished person – because I’m used to it. I’m used to being exhausted and lasting out the hunger. Recently I’ve been cooking/eating ‘properly’ but it’s not only left me exhausted, but my body has kinda gone into shock. Not a good thing. So this might answer the problem, since my Dad leaves crisps and pain au chocolat around…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. brokendownbody says:

      Have you ever tried belvita breakfast biscuits? To me, it really feels like drinking one of them – but not in a bad way! I’m going to try adding cocoa powder and banana over the coming days. I’m liking it and it means I’m not a starving, crabby bitch by tea time.


      1. bowermanland says:

        I love the taste of Belvita, but they made me so ill I couldn’t believe it. My stomach just stopped functioning when I ate them. I like oaty things, I eat porridge. But Breakfast Biscuits: didn’t sh*t for 10 days and didn’t walk right for 14.

        Liked by 1 person

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