They see me Rollin’

I just wrote a huge blog post all about what happened last night. But what it boiled down to was, I was on my first solo outing in my wheelchair and some asshole yelled “THEY SEE ME ROLLIN’!” as I temporarily went down a side street to access a dropped kerb. I just went outside for fresh air as I was having an epic allergy to my brother’s cat and his visiting cat amigo – yay, double cat! Believe me, if I didn’t lose my voice entirely when I have allergies, I’d have called the stupid bitch out on her behaviour. It’s not like me to be quietly abused, but my allergy ridden body had other ideas.

I just went around the block for some fresh air. Cool air really helps when my immune system goes bananas. I’d walked this route a million times before. I never felt like Aberdeen was the kind of place where people would actively try and upset a disabled person. I was wrong.

I am so hurt by this. It took a lot of guts to go out alone and some stupid, drunk bitch obliterated my confidence in search of a cruel giggle. I bet she doesn’t even remember saying it. I’ll never forget it.

I took a little selfie, just for her. Fuck you, bitch.

I hope the boozy slag fell down some stairs last night, with her hands in her pockets. I hope she broke both her legs and will be spending some time “Rollin’” herself. I hope she lost her purse and keys. I hope she smashed her smart phone on her big, stupid face. I hope her boyfriend realised that his girlfriend is a terrible human being and dumped her. So, basically, I hope she’s woken up in pain, violated, poor and alone. Maybe then she’ll feel close to how I feel when I woke up today.

Ren x


7 thoughts on “They see me Rollin’

  1. stillkeighs says:

    Going out alone is a scary step, you should be really proud of yourself, I’m so sorry some cow ruined it for you. Unfortunatly rude and occasionally discriminatory comments do come with the territory, these people are basic school yard bullies (but often look like fully grown adults in business suits!), you always think of the best response once you are at home feeling cross but I like the middle finger approach, it’s concise and easy for them to understand!

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  2. bowermanland says:

    People don’t believe this shit happens, or that it’s important, but it is. It’s amazing how many ‘firsts’ can be or have been ruined. But, that silly arsehole has this to come. One day she’ll go to get up off the toilet, and won’t be able to. Or she’ll go to put her foot down, and she’ll yelp. She won’t be able to wear heels, she’ll be tired and lumpen and she’ll be shitting herself about her failing body and getting old.

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