Finger Splints, Paraffin Wax and Bunny Therapy.

Yesterday, I saw my lovely occupational therapist in at rheumatology. She is the first medical professional I saw after my diagnosis who was truly kind about my hypermobility. She actually wanted to know about my health and how she could help. She nodded and would say things like “yes, that makes sense”. No one had ever told me that my illness made sense to them. I don’t think she’ll ever realise how much it meant to me for someone to just want to help me – no doubts, just help.


She fitted me with some Oval 8 finger splints. The only problem is that I think my fingers were possibly a bit swollen and they are maybe a little bit big. I’ve left her a message to this effect and I’m sure I’ll hear back. We also tried paraffin wax for my hands. Wow. It felt amazing. The relief is fairly short lived, but it is glorious. I’d encourage anyone with EDS who has pain in their hands to try this, especially if they feel like hot water helps their pain, as opposed to dry heat like heat packs. It helped so much that I came home and made myself poor by ordering my own little wax bath and some lavender scented paraffin wax. It’s coming tonight and I’m super excited. It’s funny how something that brings just a little bit of comfort (that I’d previously have taken for granted) can improve my wellbeing so massively. There aren’t many comforts in my life that come without repercussions – this might just be one.

While I soaked up the lovely, moisturising warmth from the wax, we chatted about my wheelchair. My OT might also be the only person who has been 100% positive about my chair. The one person involved in my care whose bread and butter is helping sick people manage with life is totally behind me wheeling about. Why the hell do I care what anyone else thinks?!


We also chatted about my bunny rabbits. Yes, rabbits. Plural. SQUEEL! You see, we adopted Nigel two months ago. He had been abandoned in a terrible condition along with a lady rabbit and a baby rabbit. Obviously, the baby went pretty quickly but Nigel had teeth problems that needed to be addressed and the lady rabbit had stomach problems and was kept for observation (and spayed) for 6 weeks more than him. So, we adopted Nigel, got him neutered and have been getting on top of his dental issues while very much enjoying having him around the house. One day we were back at the pet shop (who run the adoption centre too) and they mentioned that the lady rabbit was almost ready to be rehomed. So naturally we took on the role of “Bunnies Reunited” and adopted her too.


Is this melting your heart yet?

Straight away they were best friends. When rabbits are happy they binky. A binky is when they jump up in the air and sort of twist! Imagine a bunny hopping along and then launching up in the air as if to yell “YIPEE!” – It is insanely cute. This place has been binky city. It is also covered in hay and bunny poops, but it doesn’t bother me so much when they are SO DAMN CUTE! They are both super friendly. Nigel doesn’t love cuddles but will happily hop up onto the sofa and climb all over you and is more than happy to be stroked to death while he’s flopped out on his cushion. Penelope is still not completely settled but is far more amenable to cuddling. Most importantly, they love each other so, so much.


My OT agreed that having pets around is a good thing. They are therapy animals. Yep. Bunny therapy for all.

Ren x


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