That person who unfriends you but still asks advice…

I was recently sent a Facebook message by an old acquaintance who wanted to ask me about EDS, specifically pain management. They weren’t asking because they ever gave a damn about me or my pain, but because they had a family member who has recently been diagnosed and is going through the same shit storm of treatment that I have been dealing with. Do you know something? I really thought about telling them to fuck off but decided not to, based on nothing more than the fact that my advice was not for them directly. They have unfriended me on social media because my life no longer interests them. They probably thought I was weak and one of life’s moaners and decided I could no longer benefit them, so they hit unfriend. Fair enough, there is no obligation to be friends with anyone in life or on the internet. But what they hadn’t counted on was the fact that chronic illness can creep up on anyone, even seemingly healthy members of your family or maybe even you. You never know whose brains you are going to have to pick down the line. It’s worth remembering that when you are ruthless and purge your social media friends list, you waive the right to on-tap information from people via messenger.

I saw this online ages ago. I wish I had the balls to ever call people out on this…

I keep track of who unfriends me on social media for this reason. I want to go through life knowing who I would and wouldn’t piss on if they were on fire. I have the best friends in the world. I don’t miss the crap ones – but once you burn your bridge, it’s burnt. I hate people who doubt my illness until they have a close-up experience of it. Those are the biggest morons who deserve burnt toast and damp shoes for an eternity.

Ren x


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