Nigel the Therapy Bunny

I’ve been sort of missing in action this past week – sorry. The thing is, we went to the pet shop to get a present for my brother’s new kitten and we accidentally fell in love with a rabbit in their adoption centre… He was called tramp, the Angora rabbit. He had been abandoned along with his mum and sister by people who really didn’t give a damn. His fur was matted and his teeth were seriously overgrown. He’d previously been kept outside in an overcrowded hutch and was severely underweight.


We came home, e-mailed our landlord and expected the answer to be a firm “no!” but we were wrong. They said yes, so off we went at lunch time to get the wee fluff-ball. J even took a half day from work because he was so excited.

He’s now called Nigel and is simply FABULOUS! Nigel enjoys eating, drinking, pooping (in his litter tray) and digging. He doesn’t love getting brushed or picked up, but we are slowly getting him used to these things by being super sneaky, mean humans. He has to go to the vet tomorrow for his second tooth filing down session and de-matting appointment – I’m sure he’ll be suitably cheesed off with us tomorrow night.


Anyway, it turns out having a little house rabbit takes my mind off of how sore I am and forces me to do things other than sitting on my laptop all day due to an insanely nosey rabbit bugging me. I thoroughly recommend a therapy bunny. Consider me cheered up!

Ren x


2 thoughts on “Nigel the Therapy Bunny

  1. jennifer says:

    Oh I am soooooo in love with your Nigel! Sorry to be a little bit over excited, but he really is so cute! And his name is so perfect for him. I got a dog about 5 years ago and she turned out to think there was something wrong with me and hasn’t left my side since. She is SUCH a delight and yes yes yes it makes a huge difference. She may not be trained to bring me stuff or do a single thing for me, but she is great company, usually agrees with me on everything, makes me get up and move now and then, and she has made such a difference. She is DEFINITELY my companion dog, and I love that you have a companion bunny. How did the filing and dematting go and did they cut his hair? How old is he and how big will he get? I have a friend with bunnies and they chew through computer cables so please ask Nigel not to LOL.


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