Hipster Road Trip

I had a mad Friday night. No, really. I was a sociable human being and it was brilliant. We drove for an eternity (okay, about four hours) to the very top of Scotland to stay at a hostel where all the rooms are old railway sleeper cabins – it is as awesome as it sounds. It was my friends 30th birthday and J was unusually on board when it came to meeting a bunch of new people. It was so much fun and I managed to avoid drinking too much, but only got about an hours sleep which I’m paying for today… However, if I hadn’t wrecked my shoulder a week ago, the beds would have been the most comfortable thing in the world for my back. They were super firm. Anyway, seeing as I’m utterly wiped out, here are some photos of the incredible Sleeperzzz at Rogart, north of Inverness:


At some point I’ll probably have the energy to talk about the (otherwise lovely) physiotherapist who, unaware of my condition aside from once noticing my sore back, went off on a booze fuelled rant about how peoples chronic pain is all in their heads. I must say, I’m getting better at biting my tongue and learning to pick my battles. It doesn’t mean I don’t want to scream at people sometimes, especially when they should know better. I didn’t want to let this ruin an an otherwise amazing evening though. It was so lovely to spend time with my friends and meet their other pals. What a fantastic bunch. All the lovely feels!

Now, the thought of doing it all again for a gig in Glasgow (3 hours away) next weekend makes me want to assume the foetal position and cry, but I’m sure it’ll be worth it!

Ren x


7 thoughts on “Hipster Road Trip

  1. bowermanland says:

    The up’n’downs like this are what keep me going. I’m glad you had an excellent time! Such a lovely place! I’ve actually booked something FOR THE FUTURE! It’s all the way in October! First time in about 5 years! I hope the badly informed physio doesn’t work for the NHS.

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    1. brokendownbody says:

      Annoyingly she does. Sad face. Quite a large part of me wants to message her on facebook and just point out that my pain is as “in my head” as her hangover was “all in her head” yesterday… She was really silly for going off on a rant with no idea of who she may offend.


  2. jennifer says:

    1: sleeping trains are my favourite thing in the world! 2: I’m holding onto a rant about otherwise lovely xxxtherapists who think they know everything and unthinkingly squash ppl with chronic illnesses …. I too bit my tongue but it’s not going away! …. Maybe I need to let the rant out this week lol …. I’m sooo glad you had some good times!! Self care now this week 😊

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      1. jennifer says:

        I look forward to it if it does… And if it doesn’t then that’s cool too… I don’t like hanging onto things but some things percolate and need venting or sorting or something 😜

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      2. brokendownbody says:

        It’s annoying because I’m assured she is a lovely woman who both has no recollection of what she said AND was saying how nice I was in the morning. I just wish she knew how much comments like that stay with people who have to deal with disbelief on a daily basis… To her it’s a throw away comment, to me, it’s a spectacular kick in the teeth!


      3. jennifer says:

        oh you have put that so well yes! I am in the processing of writing a short blog on something exactly like that… someone else’s throw away comment which for me was a spectacular kick in the teeth! I am TRYING to let it go but I don’t think I will until I write it down and throw it out there for zebras to nod their heads at me and make me feel better LOL!

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