EDS Injury Time!

Today I’m not strong. Actually, today I’m struggling a bit. I fell yesterday lunchtime. I wish I had a story that made me sound like a badass pro-wrestler, but the truth is that I was standing in my kitchen, yelling over to my budgies to be quiet and my ankle just crapped out on me. I grabbed the work surface with my left hand and fell on my butt. Of course I dislocated my shoulder. After 4 hours in accident and emergency and two x-rays, I was given a sling and told to go home. I was also given the golden nugget of information that If it wasn’t for my EDS, I’d probably have broken my shoulder. Yeah, smart ass, if it wasn’t for my crappy EDS ankles, I also wouldn’t have fallen in the first place! Grr. My sassy Mum did ask what medication I’d be given if I was hit by a car and was told “well, that’d be difficult”. I think I’m going to start wrapping myself in bubble wrap and staying inside. Paracetamol (or Tylenol to some of you) really doesn’t touch the pain when I try to dismember myself.



I am 10/10 feeling sorry for myself today. Grumble. Yay for the Prisma app hiding my exceedingly greasy hair. Boo for being too sore and beat up to shower…

Ren x


7 thoughts on “EDS Injury Time!

  1. Kara says:

    Oh no! Are you allergic to hydrocodone or morphine? Tylenol is complete crap. I’m sorry you’re as graceful as I! I usurped the throne in the kingdom of accident-prone. I got my foot stuck in a bra strap hanging off of the bathroom vanity and tripped face first into the tub. Damn boobie traps! Mad skills, either way. I hope those broken bits start to feel a little better soon!

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    1. brokendownbody says:

      Gah ha ha. DAMN GIRL that’s pretty special. Morphine doesn’t seem to do anything for me. It’s weird. It’s like I’ve taken nothing. I’m going to see my GP on Tuesday and i’ll ask to try some sort of patches because i’m going to go mad here! X

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  2. jenn says:

    Oh nooooo!! I feel for you and cringed as I read every word, could picture every step and winced a lot! Oh yes, goodie for your Eeds! (NOT!!) … It’s going to be a crappy week 😢😢 sorry!

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  3. bowermanland says:

    Urrrgh. Just Urrgh for you. I fell sideways into a pile of cardboard boxes and wrapping materials and am cut down my whole left side. So things you use to wrap things safely have left me covered in bandages. Excellent work EDS! I hope you have some luck with your doctor.

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    1. brokendownbody says:

      Damn! We really aren’t safe anywhere, eh?! =[ poor you!

      The GP gave me buprenorphine patches. It’s just annoying as they are a “controlled” drug so I had to get J to drive me into the big Boots pharmacy in the city centre and i had to take ID. The damn things better help!!


  4. brokendownbody says:

    Apparently they should take a couple of days to be working full force but after a couple of hours i’m feeling pretty drowsy and slooooow. They seem to be taking the edge off though. Not spewing and not got palpitations – yet!


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