When you get sick and your house becomes a health hazard…

I read somewhere recently that one thing you don’t realise about chronic illness is how downright filthy your house gets. Holy Crap. I didn’t see it until I turned the light on. Someone kill it with fire.

I recommend that all chronically ill people keep lighting low in their house. Claim and its mood lighting, or to reduce sensory overload or something. J is away for a few nights to attend a family funeral, so before he left, I asked him to replace the ensuite lightbulb that popped this morning. The bulb he’s put in must be a higher wattage than the old one (like the freakin’ sun is in our ceiling) and wow, our bathroom is disgusting – I can’t believe we actually go in there to get clean.

I just had to tell someone. I am utterly horrified. I guess it will come in handy when I’m having my monthly leg shave or tending to my monobrow. For the rest of the time I might need to invest in some sunglasses for pooping…

Ren x

P.s. No photos in this post because I am genuinely a bit embarrassed.


4 thoughts on “When you get sick and your house becomes a health hazard…

  1. Ms. Mango says:

    Haha, something that doesn’t get talked about much but happens to all of us. Right now my foors look like a garbage dump (and with 3 kids under 10 it kind of is theirs). My hip mobility and pain makes sweeping and vacuuming possibly the two most painful tasks possible so I just don’t do them and the Mr. has been so busy and/or taking a moment to relax that he hasn’t either. I try not to let it get to me, but lets just say we’re all wearing socks inside in the middle of summer not to keep our little toes warm but to prevent grime buildup or stepping on a painful crumb :S

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    1. brokendownbody says:

      At least you have 3 kids, It’s only me and J here and the place still seems to get filthy. I always break and do the hoovering with my “special” hoover when bits start sticking to my feet. I turn into the Hulk when there is random, unidentifiable shit stuck to my heels! I did a mini clear up today and feel less like a hobo 🙂
      R x

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