TENS for EDS lower back pain.

I am not a doctor. I am not an expert. I can only talk about my own experience. Do not electrocute yourself without asking a medical professional, that’d just be stupid.

I had a physiotherapy appointment today. I was once again too sore to get much physiotherapy actually done – boo! However, she did recommend I try a TENS machine to help my pain. Now, I wasn’t overly enamoured with the idea of electrical impulses firing through my body and I’m going to be honest, it doesn’t exactly feel nice. It feels somewhere between pins and needles and those electrocution prank pens. But when you’re faced with a choice of crippling back pain or an unpleasant sensation, it’s a no brainer.

For those who aren’t in the habit of frazzling themselves, a TENS machine sends electrical impulses through your body using sticky patches that you attach to your sore bits. These patches have plugs on them and you essentially plug yourself in to a battery pack and decide on whether you’d like to be well done or medium rare.

Just quietly electrocuting myself and making it look prettying using the Prisma app ❤

I’m not entirely sure on the finer details of how it works, I don’t think there is any medical proof or certainty about what it even does. I don’t really care, it helps me! I do find it funny that the physio was keen to tell me there is little proof that hormones play a strong role in EDS pain but in the next sentence was recommending a TENS unit to me, do you know how much “proof” there is that they work? None.

At first, it felt awful. I wanted to turn it off, rip the pads off and throw it to the back of a cupboard but for some reason I stuck with it. I assume the muscles in my lower back were pretty tense and that it takes a while to get used to the feeling. Now, after a couple of hours, I don’t want to take the damn thing off.

I can’t believe it only cost £20 in Lloyds Pharmacy (I’m sure other units are equally as good but this one was recommended by my physio for no reason other than her other patients having had good results from it). Oh, and it needs 3 x AAA batteries so we stocked up on them too. I’ve ordered a new set of pads for sensitive skin on Amazon (£11.99) to see if they are any better as I find these ones to be slightly itchy, but not unbearable. Otherwise replacement pads should be around £5 a set from Lloyds and I imagine they will last a week to ten days.

The unit I bought.

I’m still learning, I still feel it’s strong enough on the lowest possible setting (1 of 25) but am interested to see how it will help on different days with the pads in different places.

Ren – 1
Body – 0


Ren x


8 thoughts on “TENS for EDS lower back pain.

  1. bowermanland says:

    This is good to know. I’ve not used TENS because my main pain (when I had the opportunity) was in my neck and you couldn’t use the units they had there. However, now my lower back is f*cked so I may give it a try. I’m super glad it’s working for you. x

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    1. brokendownbody says:

      I know this one comes with a little book that shows you were you can place the pads on your neck – and where to NOT place them on your neck. It doesn’t help in the same way that taking a pile of drugs would help but I’m a massive fan already. I imagine it would make car journeys a lot easier and I really wish I’d got it sooner! I hope it works for you, too. It’s been a physical and mental relief to me today.
      R x

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      1. bowermanland says:

        Hmm. I may get one. I don’t want to take more drugs. And my Dad said today he’s worried he’ll shout up to me one day (I live in a loft) and I won’t answer: he then showed me a news story about a person with back pain who died of an overdose and no one noticed. Today’s back pain is so annoying I want to punch a kitten.

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      2. brokendownbody says:

        It really works so for me! I know it doesn’t work for everyone but at the least it seems to block up pain pathways and the all consuming back pain can’t seem to be all consuming, if that makes sense? It was well worth £20! ☺️

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  2. Kara says:

    Okay, I’m sold. I’m glad it helps! I’ve had a TENS unit since April and have pulled it out of it’s storage case once. It intimidates me, and it’s not even that I hate being zapped. I used to lick 9-volts because it felt funny. Ah, the things we do for entertainment in B-F-E, USA. I dunno….it just looks like a piece of interrogation equipment. You survived the experience, so I have hope I won’t vaporize into a puff of smoke! 😀

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    1. brokendownbody says:

      At first I really hated it. I turned it up to “2” once and almost shit my pants. Honestly, it’s the same sensation as licking a battery (turns out we are idiots in Scotland too) when you turn it up too high. Gah ha ha. It’s made my day. I just took it off after… 4 hours? I’m sad now 😦
      R x

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