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Though the blogging world, I have come into contact with a wonderful lady named Karen. She is the founder of a website called Conscious Crafties (CC). It’s sort of like Etsy but is a platform for chronically ill, disabled people and their carers to sell their handmade products. In theory, these people could all sell their goods on Etsy but the support and kindness from other “spoonies” can often make the difference between an item being put on pause due to pain and fatigue and the push to get it finished and up for sale. Every seller also has a page which explains the struggles they are facing while producing lovely items for you to buy.

It’s not a pity party and no one is asking for special treatment. The products are of top quality, the same as you would buy from any online marketplace. The only difference is that in buying from CC, you are supporting people who perhaps cannot hold down a 9-5 job due to illness or commitments caring for a loved one.

I’ve picked out a few favourites below, but there is so much to be found over at Conscious Crafties, you should check it out:

A handmade felted miniature of your pet:


Who isn’t crazy about their pet? An adorable gift for the cat/dog/hedgehog lover in your life! I wonder if they make budgies…?


Rose bush dream catcher:


Oh my god. I really want one of these. Seriously. The one in the picture please thanks!


Apple cider vinegar organic soap – Vegan handmade soap:


I know a vegan who would love this. Apple cider vinegar is also supposed to be extremely good for your skin and thankfully this soap doesn’t actually smell like vinegar at all!


Tree of life necklace and earrings set:


Beautiful handmade earrings and necklace set for £15? Madness. I really like the colours in this set.


In buying the items above you would be supporting people who suffer with Hemiplegic Migraine, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Blackout Seizures and a full time carer. Most people give gifts because they like to make other people happy. In purchasing a gift from Conscious Crafties you will certainly have a pleased recipient but you will also have financially and psychologically lifted someone that you have never even met. It’s a win – win situation, really.

(Just in case you haven’t already clicked a link…)

Ren x




7 thoughts on “Conscious Crafties – Chronically Creative

    1. brokendownbody says:

      I think Karen has recently had to give up her job so is in more of a position to put time and effort into CC. I know she’s looking for some IT help to get the site running more smoothly before she takes on a load of new sellers – which makes sense really.

      That would be so cool though 😀 I can’t make anything… So few skills!

      Liked by 1 person

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