Because my vagina likes to tell fibs…

I seem to go through the same cycle time and time again when it comes to visiting my GP. I am fairly certain that many chronically ill women will share in my experience. There are three stages to the cycle.

1 – I go and see the GP with an issue. Because they don’t know much about EDS or Hypermobility Syndrome, I am sent away for a number of weeks while they chase up letters/results and do their homework. I already know what’s wrong, but the doctor will never, ever take my word.

2 – I go back and am spoken to like a child; not that you should even speak to children in such a patronising way. I get upset and frustrated at their lack of knowledge and outright refusal to believe me which is a one way ticket to meltdown city. You know when you cry and cry and cry and the only thing that can fix it is pizza and wine? Yeah, that!

3 – I go back with J with me for support. Because he is a man, he validates my claims of pain and struggling FOR I AM A HYSTERICAL WOMAN WHO SHALL NOT BE TRUSTED. But J comes in, nods in agreement with my recollection of symptoms and just like magic, I get what I want. WHAT? WHY?

Sometimes, I wish I had a penis.


Not only has this been the recent cycle, but today was a super special day. I went in after the obligatory three week wait and put it out there that I think my drug allergies, general allergies and gastro issues are caused by Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS) which is often found in people with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome but is an even more “out there” diagnosis – It didn’t even have a name until 2007. And because J was there, she wasn’t a massive fucking bitch like last time. In fact, she is happy to refer me to immunology and gave me a bunch of drugs to try and ease my symptoms in the meantime.

Hilariously she only had in my notes that I am allergic to ONE drug. Good record keeping, assholes.

I’m mad, but glad. I also think my doctor fancies my boyfriend. It’s the only answer. Either that or she is just an utter cock-womble who is out to make my life as frustrating as possible.

Ren x


11 thoughts on “Because my vagina likes to tell fibs…

  1. bowermanland says:

    Oh, it’s not you. I once had to take my Brother with me to see a Doctor, and also to help convince my Dad that I was telling the truth when I reported back the Diagnosis. I look forward to hearing the results of your tests. I’ve not heard of MCAS, but looking at the symptoms via Google, I doubt I would have it. I only get the neurological stuff – brain fog and migraines etc.

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    1. brokendownbody says:

      Ah I’ve had allergies my whole life. I spent my whole childhood on an antihistamine/decongestant that was a rank, brown goo! Had ENT issues and a bunch of operations too. Annnnnd i’m allergic to all the drugs – though strongly suspect it’s the filler and things as opposed to the active ingredients. My reflux has never been controlled by medication either, or ever a “tummy friendly” diet. What are the odds that everything has been awful this week and the pollen count has sudden gone really high?! I’ll keep ya updated!


  2. Kara says:

    LOL, cock-womble. That’s awesome.

    Errrrrg! This is so infuriating. More often than not, this happens to me also. At least with the specialists. I got passed around for over a year before someone took my “complaints” seriously, and by that point I had lost 40 pounds from having active crohn’s and being left out in the wind without a dx/treatment. “Damn…something must be wrong! She must have an eating disorder..” Oh, ffs. My husband has become my biggest advocate, and I missed him while he was gone last year. I was reminded how difficult it is to be heard without a dude present.

    So, it most definitely happens to me…and many other women I know. Lord help you should you happen to have been diagnosed with anxiety or depression at any point during your life, because then EVERYTHING is blamed on either of those. Bleeding out of your eyeballs? There’s that depression again. 😉

    Gender bias is a HUGE problem. I completely share in your frustration! I’m still practicing how to be assertive without straight up yelling at them. 🙂


    1. brokendownbody says:

      My apologies that you were spammed. I have no idea why, I see no offers of animal porn here!

      My ONLY cause of anxiety is going to see a doctor because based on past experience it will be awful. That’s not anxiety, that’s self preservation. But yeah, my Mum had to fly back from Africa to stare down my GP and explain that I am a lot of things including exhausted, frustrated and in pain… But I’m not anxious! And yes, i get depressed because I’m sick and no one is helping me! GRRRR!!

      Though, I wrote to my MP and heard back today. Tying up a post currently – all very positive!

      R x

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  3. Mrs HippyGeek says:

    It’s not you at all. My vagina is hysterical too. Unless my husband is there when it’s clear that he is able to wave the sage penis of truth about my pain levels.
    And of course they have to end with the concerned “and how are you coping with looking after her?” Like I’m some incontinent puppy… grrr

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    1. brokendownbody says:

      Hahahaha, sage penis of truth!! I don’t even think it matters if your doctor is male of female, they never listen to me unless J is there. They trust a 28 year old guy who looks like shaggy-doo, has holes in his vans trainers, plays magic the gathering and generally lacks life skills over the person genuinely experiencing the pain. It is enough to break any woman. I get asked if “i still have that nice boyfriend” as if he might fuck off and they’d actually have to do their job…

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