South African Adventure

Almost a year ago I was lucky enough to have the holiday of a lifetime. My Mum lives in South Africa and very kindly paid for my flights to go out and see her. Looking back, I wondered if I’d manage the flight. Now I know that wondering if I can do something means it’s possible and I should try, because I never know what difficulties lie around the corner.

So, instead of writing all about it, I’d like to share some photos that cheer me up when I’m down. I’ll keep the million animal photos for another day and will write them a post all of their own.

Imagine waking up to this on a Monday morning!

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Eating an amazing Thai lunch with wine, obviously. You look our to the right and see a beautiful white sandy beach, and that big hill to the left is Table Mountain!! This blew my mind.

Went a walk with some lions. Was absolutely shitting my pants.

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The penguins at boulders beach were freakin’ adorable, if a bit smelly. Even if you hate penguins you have to admit, they have chosen a pretty stunning place to call home.

We went on a day safari!
It rained on safari!!

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We ate amazing food (lots of steak, sorry vegan sissy) and had superb wine in some mind blowing places. I wish I have photos of wine tasting at the vineyards. I was possibly too boozy to take photos…


I spent a lot of time watching the baboons reek havoc from the balcony. It turns out the baboons can scale the building and help themselves to Mum’s food, bah ha ha! The house looks out onto False Bay where Mum likes to kayak, with the sharks!

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I can’t even begin to describe the super cool places we visited, stayed and spent days, so here is a collection of lovely places!

The best bit was spending time with this sassy blonde. No, not Mufasa, my Mumma!!

So, that is a snapshot of my amazing holiday in South Africa last year. I know I’m incredibly lucky and like to remind myself with these photos. I got to see things most people will never see, eat amazing food, drink amazing drinks and literally signed my life away on more than one occasion… I hope that one day J and I can go back together. It’s like nowhere else on earth.

Next up, a million photos of Monkey Land and Birds of Eden… Just a taster…

Lauren Pics 2015-0097

Ren x



5 thoughts on “South African Adventure

  1. bowermanland says:

    You did it once, and you had EDS then, and you’ll do it again. Treat the treatable (Reflux), do the physio, and remember to plan days off. I give myself a week for 3-4 days tourist work. It will be more expensive – being like us is more expensive, but you’ll have a better time in the long run. I went on my first holiday for 10 years when I was at my physical worst – I just had to take it easy, and the holiday revitalised me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. brokendownbody says:

      While I commend your positivity, my reflux isn’t all that treatable right now and i physio isn’t about to happen. I physically couldn’t sit on a 12 hour flight just now – i struggle with a 2 hour car journey!! Womp womp =[ I’ve had EDS for 27 years but the whole thing with EDS, as you’re aware, is that it’s unpredictable and can be utterly debilitating – as mine has turned out to be over the past year =[


      1. bowermanland says:

        Oh, I understand that – what I meant was don’t write it all off forever. It will take time – to get the physio etc. etc. and there will be things you can’t treat, that you just have to live through – like the reflux or pain. What I meant was that you may have to work towards sitting for 12 hours etc. That is something our group worked on when we were in Pain Management – not only learning how to deal with sitting or standing but also learning to ask to stand on a plane or walk around etc. It’s very frustrating and perhaps depressing – not being able to plan things in advance like holidays, not being able to complete undertakings – having whole years of debilitation. I do understand because I’ve been there and I will be there again.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. brokendownbody says:

        Oh totally. I’m getting my life back, even if it is slightly different. I’m 27, i have far too much ahead of me to willingly surrender to my crappy collagen. I just now know to make the most of opportunities at the time because i might not get the chance again or might not be able for sometime. It’s so damn annoying 😂


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