It’s Nice to be Part of a Gang!

Tomorrow I’m meeting up with some lovely people who have been graced with having Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome in their life. It’s exciting and utterly terrifying. Before all of this bendy, painful nonsense started, I was that person who went to the toilet and came out with a new friend. I would talk to anyone about anything and didn’t give it a second thought. In fact, I still do love chatting to people but It always ends up with me explaining why I’m not at work or why I’m sitting and my friend is standing, or why I have ankle supports/compression gloves on OR why I sometimes walk like I’ve shit my pants. This conversation doesn’t upset me as such, it’s nice when people are genuinely interested. It’s just annoying because it’s mundane and living with being sick sucks enough without having to talk about it too. Then I become that sick girl with the crappy joints and have ceased to be that girl with the budgies and hamster who loves Biffy Clyro and rock climbing who met her boyfriend on Tinder. I AM STILL THAT GIRL!! Tomorrow, I will probably explain my situation a bit but I’ll still be that girl. For once I will be around people who will not upon departure tell me to “get well soon!”


In other news, I’m really, really sore. If 1 is a good day with minimal pain and 10 is jumping in a waaaaaambulance to hospital… Today is probably a good 7. My back feels like someone is trying to snap my spine with cheese wire and my right shoulder feels like the joint is just a big fork scraping about the socket and of course all the muscles around it have turned to stone. The rest of me just feels like I have the flu. So, I’m drinking prosecco because… I can. Opening the bottle has possibly contributed to the shoulder pain but it was well worth it.

Wish me luck tomorrow!!

Ren x

P.S. I’ve added a page with an e-mail address in case any lovely people want to stay in touch in a more personal way than blog comments.



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