It’s hard to soar with the eagles when you’re surrounded by turkeys.

Just a sneaky update of my sneakiness.


My wonderful rheumy, Dr P called. He called on Monday morning and Friday afternoon, he is ON FIRE! My MRI is fine – hooray. Though he does want the osteo/physio ladies to poke around a few specific bits. I took this opportunity to explain that my GP was less than helpful on Tuesday when I went about my hormones. I explained that as she hasn’t got confirmation from him regarding my diagnosis, she wasn’t willing to help me. Not that it really matters as she doesn’t even understand the condition I was “claiming” to suffer from. She also refused to acknowledge that I should not be on the progesterone only contraceptive injection as it seems to affect joint laxity AND WAS TRYING TO PUT ME BACK ON IT. Well… He’s going to write to my GP next week and copy in the pain clinic and gynaecology and try and get my hormones sorted and my pain assessed.

My new book has a particularly interesting page that my GP is going to have to digest – metaphorically or literally, I don’t much care any more. It says very clearly that “Medroxyprogesterone, the type of progesterone commonly found in Depo Provera, is a “true” progesterone and can increase joint hypermobility”. He goes on to suggest birth control with second generation progesterone.

So yes. Dr P once again is my favourite person on the planet and I have been a bit sneaky but it’s quicker than waiting for a doctor who doesn’t believe me to refer me back to gynae. I might actually have a good weekend after all. I hope you do too!

Ren x



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