Three Weeks.

Another three weeks. Do the doctors know how many times I’ve had to make an appointment to come back in three weeks? It’s been a year. Do they have any understanding of the living hell that can be three weeks in pain? Well, I guess that only happens if they believe that you are in pain in the first place… If you had a kidney infection or a broken ankle for three weeks they would be bending over backwards to help you. Because they don’t understand my problem, they prefer to think of me as a hypochondriac but my pain is real.

I went to see a new GP today. I’d have been as well asking our hamster, Barry, for his medical opinion. I explained to her that I’d seen a Rheumatologist who has diagnosed benign hypermobility syndrome. He sent me for an MRI and is waiting for the musculoskeletal specialists to look it over before writing back to my GP and the pain clinic. Blah bah blah. Because my GP doesn’t have a letter yet, she straight up didn’t believe me. In two weeks my rheumy has sent me for an urgent MRI and got me in a cancellation slot with an osteopath and physiotherapist. He believes I’m in pain and wants to help. He believes that there is a hormonal aspect to my pain (and fluid retention) and told me on the phone that “a lot of women suffer considerably more around the time of menstruation” and agreed that as my cycle has gone completely freestyle, and that my fluctuating hormones are probably worsening my symptoms. Alas, he isn’t a hormone expert and suggested I go back to my GP to get my hormones looked into.

My GP suggested I go back on the depo provera injection. Just to be clear, there are endless articles online and a paper written by Dr Bird who is an expert in hyper mobility stating that people with JHS/EDS-H should avoid contraceptives containing progesterone. I told her that over my 6 months of waiting to be diagnosed, I have spent a lot of time researching my condition and that the issue with depo provera is NOT the bone density issue – at least not in the first instance, though osteoarthritis does tend to develop eventually in us bendies – the issue is progesterone and the effect it has on the laxity of joints. She outright told me that she doesn’t know about that and that I’m wrong. What? Because you don’t know what you’re talking about, neither can I? I went into the appointment open minded and very polite. Nope. I’m done with that. Also, I want a baby. The main driving force of wanting to get better is that I really, really want a family. Why the heck would I go back on a long term contraceptive when I WANT ALL THE BABIES!!

So she can go and fuck herself. I hope she has typed “hyper mobility progesterone only injection” into Google and is feeling like a complete ass. I’d have been happy to give her a week to do some research and to get back to me. I’d have been DELIGHTED with that. But no. Just another doctor who thinks that hyper mobility only effects your joints and that my pain isn’t real. My sister has suggested going in with a bunch of questions that my GP won’t be able to answer and asking her to send me to someone who CAN answer my questions. Why is “Dr Google” so frowned upon when actual doctors don’t know anything about your condition? What other option do I have? 6 months ago I went to my GP with a 2 page document of symptoms I have that point towards JHS/EDS-H and have still been asked on several occasions by my GP if my pain could be psychological. If It wasn’t for Dr Google would I even have a diagnosis now? I doubt it.


I’m sore, exhausted and at my wits end. Aren’t doctors supposed to be interested in healthcare?!

Ren x


4 thoughts on “Three Weeks.

  1. katwilson04 says:

    Mmm – so it went well then!? Go right back to them with all the information, just like Gemma said. And do not leave till you are satisfied they are understanding you, and will actually do something about it. Even utter the words “ok that’s added to the complaint letter I’m sending in then” – then watch what they do!!

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  2. Ms. Mango says:

    Depo is the devil! I still blame it for many of my (not related to IBS, or lupus) hormone related issues. While convenient at the time, it has caused permanent problems and I regret ever thinking it was a good idea. It truly is disheartening that people have to be their own diagnostician with dr google as their aid. Not only is there a ton of room for error, we usually end up worrying even more than we should have. I hate the constant follow up crap that comes along with chronic illness, but worse than that is when doctors say there isn’t anything they can do and to go to someone else. I do hope your doctors get some sense knocked into them and find some way to help you instead of giving you the ring around. If you have decent coverage maybe try seeing a physiotherapist, naturopath or alt medicine practitioner in the mean time for some of your symptoms. It’s not the same, butt if you can even get a little relief it might be worth it.


    1. brokendownbody says:

      Yep, I wish doctors were more clued up on the lasting effects of Depo. I also wish they were more scrupulous about who they gave it to – I should never have been put on it. My case of Dr Google was more based on JHS/EDS running in my family so I wasn’t even getting overly worried about nothing, I just wanted to see a damn Rheumy! I’ve been for acupuncture and saw a physio but it turns out that even the best physio can really fuck you up if they don’t know what they are doing about hypermobility… I’m quite happy waiting to see the osteopath and physio at rheumatology next week – at least they know what they are dealing with and have been instructed by my doctor! Being sick really isn’t the hardest bit about being sick, eh?!

      R x

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