You know when you just want to scream, cry and smash stuff?

I’m having one of those agitated, restless, hormonal kind of days. I feel down in the dumps and lack motivation to do anything about it which only makes me feel worse. I’m narked off at J and feel a bit like he had one of his pals over yesterday and then was out at another friends until 1am so he feels like he’s had a good weekend. I, on the other hand have been stuck in the flat all weekend doing his washing and changing our bed despite feeling awful – an ever thankless task. He doesn’t check that I have something nice in for dinner or anything… so I had a tin of tomato soup, not that he asked. Nice weekend treat, I’m sure you’ll agree. He took away the Wii to his pals so I couldn’t watch Amazon Prime, it wasn’t a very fun night. The TV was shite.

Today I desperately tried to instil in J the importance of properly organising his brother’s stag doo – J is the best man. He is however the most laid back guy on the planet and his staple answer is that “everything will be fiiiiiine”. Know what’s worse than a poorly organised hen/stag doo? Not much. J isn’t interested in my help and still has nothing booked, no numbers finalised… people not even invited, no solid plans at all and it’s meant to be in 10 weeks. I feel like his brother is going to be disappointed and it’s a real shame but I’m not willing to be spoken to like shit any more for trying to help. I don’t know when J became completely okay with speaking to me like crap but it really gets to me. He feels that it’s entirely justifiable because I’m “being annoying” so there is no point in broaching the issue as it’ll just lead to him pointing out all the things that I do that bug him.

It’s nearly 3pm and only now does he ask about going to the cinema as I’d suggested before, but now I really don’t want to go on a date with him. Neither of us are showered, I was waiting to see if he’d make lunch knowing I’m really sore and worn out. Nope. Nothing. I know that by sitting here stewing I’m only upsetting myself more and that he is mostly oblivious to my being upset but I really am at the end of my tether. Gah.

Ren x

NB – He did just offer me a cup of tea. I’m still mad.


One thought on “You know when you just want to scream, cry and smash stuff?

  1. brendaflippen says:

    Oh girl ! Do I know Your frustration!! But on the other hand, he probably?? will rent a van, pick everyone up and go to a strip club, like my hubby bacholer party. He said it was the best on ever ! They still tlk about it. Oh, and A huge steak dinner before, of course !! Good Luc. !

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