New doctors and new followers!

Today I got a new follower which made me realise that forty people follow my blog. FORTY PEOPLE! While to the seasoned blogger that figure is probably pretty low, I honestly don’t think that forty of my real life friends give a hoot about my health. I certainly haven’t had that many spontaneous texts/phone calls from my friends and family just wondering how it’s going. So yes, thank you everyone. You lovely forty people have made my day.


Mumma sent me flowers today, they were a nice surprise!

Back to today’s new follower, Olivia Jane. Most of the people who follow my blog do so because they are interested in chronic illness, usually because they have one. Olivia Jane has CFS/M.E. and has also been through the rigmarole of seeing doctors who don’t know, don’t have time, aren’t interested or simply don’t care. We have all been there. Nothing breaks you down quite as much as going to a doctor for help and leaving in tears feeling more helpless and alone than ever. But… As you will see in her blog post that I’ve linked to, she posted the link to an open letter to all of us spoonies from Dr Rob.. Dr Rob has some very good points to make and has given me stuff to think about before I see my new GP on Tuesday. It’s a tad patronising but on the whole, it didn’t make me want to smash my computer screen which as far as my experience with GPs go, is pretty damn good.

So, I’m going to see a new GP on Tuesday with a diagnosis of Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (hyper mobility type). I think that now I have a diagnosis, a new GP is a good idea or else I will be forever furious with Doctor Dickbutt who looked my mother in the eye and asked her if she thought it could be psychological. Believe me, that man is lucky to be alive. She came all the way from South Africa to stare him down and “get him telt” as we say in Scotland.

I plan to go in and tell her that I’ve had a horrible time of not being taken seriously and I’d like to start my diagnosed journey with a doctor who is comfortable dealing with my EDS – I don’t expect instant answers but I need someone who will believe me if I tell them that I’m having a new weird and wonderful symptom and not imply that it’s all in my head. I’ll explain that my hormones have gone completely freestyle and that the rheumy asked if I have had an ovary removed because they are that wonky. I am 27, I have two ovaries, I really want babies in the sort of near future (EDS allowing) and if my hormones carry on the way they are, I’m going to murder someone or J is going to murder me because I am a psycho. I am also spotty, my hair is thinning, I retain so much fluid that I go up up and down an entire dress/bra size day to day and it’s not helping my joint/muscle pain. SEND HELP PLS!

So yes. That is my plan. Fingers crossed. And if this week has taught me anything, it’s that when you are topping up your low vitamin D, to always wear sunscreen… Ouch.

Ren x




One thought on “New doctors and new followers!

  1. Ms. Mango says:

    Wishing you all the luck in the world that you are able to find the right doctor to listen to you. They are hard to come by and even then sometimes they just don’t seem to take everyone seriously. The most important thing, don’t stick with a doctor if you feel uncomfortable or unheard. It’s tedious to switch over and over but worth it in the end for your sanity and for your diagnosis and symptom control.

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