Holly and Phil – The Natural Remedy

Chronically ill people watch a lot of TV. I’m one of them. Meet Holly and Phil.


Just the usual!

People in the UK will be familiar with Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield as the presenters of ITV weekday show, This Morning. For those out with the UK, Phillip is a silver haired, tequila loving national treasure who entered my life as the human side sick of Gordon the Gopher. Holly is adored by the nation for being such a genuine, down to earth woman who has impeccable fashion sense and is beautiful, inside and out.

The magic comes from this show being live because Phil and Holly are absolutely crazy in the coconut. They are both brilliant presenters and give a dynamic to the show that just couldn’t be written. Neither of them are particularly good at hiding their emotions, be it finding something hilarious or utter disgust with vile guests which only makes us love them more. They stand by their morals and that’s something we all strive for!

Now, the reason that I personally adore Holly and Phil is because they get the giggles. They are like naughty school children on live TV. On one particularly memorable event they presented the whole show completely smashed, fading into cripplingly hungover as they had come to work straight from an awards ceremony the night before – still in the same clothes and everything! Okay, so they don’t make a point of being under the influence on air… But it doesn’t stop the hilarity. Today Holly got the giggles and was completely unable to speak, or stand. I don’t know why she was cracking up but it is certainly contagious.

The fateful post-award show presenting.

Everyone knows that laughter is the best medicine and when it comes to chronic illness, medicine that helps can be hard to come by. Mornings suck, no matter which illness you suffer from. There is no medicine quite like Holly and Phil based hysterics and I cannot get enough of it. I thoroughly recommend their shenanigans when you’re feeling sore, exhausted and down. They will certainly turn your frown upside down! For those aware of the spoon theory for people living with chronic illness, these guys seem to provide an extra spoon or two to get you through the morning.

If this doesn’t leave you crying with laughter, you have so soul.

We love you, Holly and Phil!

Ren x


2 thoughts on “Holly and Phil – The Natural Remedy

  1. brendaflippen says:

    Thank you for the info. I don’t get ITV in USA, but watch a lot of ITV productions on HULU AND NETFLIX. Dann them ,,,why don’t they broadcast in America…..I have written to them, begged all sorts of theatrics to get them to broadcast here. We share with them, they should share with us !!! Anyway, of the subject,,I absolutely LOVE. To laugh. No .matter how bad I feel, I still love to laugh ! It definitely is the best meds ! Thanks for the clips, love them. !!!


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