But have you tried yoga?

I want to start off my saying that my mother is a yoga teacher who attends yoga retreats – the whole she-bang. She sent me to a physiotherapist who is also a SHAMAN, for God’s sake, or not God, at least not THAT God because, shaman, y’know?! Fucking minefield right there. Yoga does brilliant things for millions of people and I acknowledge that it can feature in a very healthy lifestyle that can change people’s lives. Yoga is not for me. Highland dancing is not for me. Ballet is not for me. Gymnastics are not for me. Running is not for me. Rock climbing is not for me. How do I know? I’ve tried and loved them all… except yoga, and it always ends in injury after injury and everything takes forever to heal. I end up with my joints in casts and steroids being injected into my shoulders. My joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles are fragile little flowers, basically.

This doesn’t stop doctors, friends, family, ignorant physios and the man who came to fix the oven all recommending the curative powers of yoga. A good old stretch can fix just about anything. Do you know the ONLY activity my rheumatologist told me to strictly avoid? “Stretching activities like yoga”. Turns out stretching doesn’t cure hyper mobility.

Oddly enough, last time I did try yoga was with my Mum a couple of years ago. I had asked her to come over as I was freaked out that I could no longer touch my toes which used to be so easy for me. She took over all of the foam blocks and stuff used to assist/support people who are turning to stone. I do wonder if she thought that the Queen of Narnia had gotten to me! She was most surprised that I didn’t need them. It was only my lower back that had seized up, though unless you’re looking for it to be an issue with my back, it just looks like tight hamstrings. Now I feel like an idiot for not seeing the flashing, whooping and hollering sign of what was to come. Oops.


Mr Tumnus turning to stone. Because… James McAvoy… Swoon.

So basically, along with every other chronically ill person, people suggest treatments and cures to me all of the time on the assumption that I am content to just sit on my ass all day being sore and haven’t tried anything. Either that or I’m a total plonker who hasn’t researched my illness in any way… Or seen a consultant regarding it. I am going to get a t-shirt made up to deal with this issue. I’m sure it’s not hard for you to imagine what it’ll say.

Yes. I’ve tried yoga and I won’t be doing it again. Thanks.

Ren x


11 thoughts on “But have you tried yoga?

  1. bowermanland says:

    You should get a T-shirt. ‘Yes, I have tried Yoga’ on the front and ‘Do you want to try my foot up your arse?’ on the back. I did find Pilates useful, but not really for helping pain, but for become very aware of my muscles. Which helped when I got good physio. I did the Pilates age 14 before I knew about the EDS and when I had no idea what was going on with my body. My teacher was very understanding and gentle. But I would only recommend it when you’re tried all the other stuff. I think that with a Chronic Genetic complaint it’s worth each person trying everything, because everyone is different – you can’t take opiates, but I can. We both can’t do Yoga*. You might find swimming brings relief. It’s worth a try. *Yoga: my specialist (Prof. Grahame) told everyone in my EDS Chronic Pain group that no one with EDS should do it. That was in 2002. In 2013 a Physio mentioned it to me…. grrr.

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    1. brokendownbody says:

      I’d love to go swimming but i have massive problems with my ears (have had several ops) and am EXTREMELY short sighted so swimming either causes immediate pain from not being able to see the side or pain later from water in my ears. I don’t think i could physically get out of a soggy swim suit some days, though it’d make for a good story. I think i’ll look into pilates – im sure someone does it nearby!

      R x

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      1. bowermanland says:

        I have the same problems with swimming – hence running away from Hydrotherapy. If you watch Pilates videos on Youtube it will give you some idea of the type of movements and if you think you can do it. I did it when I was far less concrete and more flexible than I am now, but it’s not really about stretch, it’s more about strength and control – really knowing where your muscles are and what they are doing. It’s worth a look. x

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      2. brokendownbody says:

        I’ll do that tomorrow 😊 my cousins has EDS and i know she does pilates. I so wish i could go swimming, i used to love it as a kid. The MRI woman was laughing at me yesterday because once i took my glasses off i couldn’t see the white bench on the grey floor. Blind shaaaame! Hahaha!


      3. bowermanland says:

        I’ve learned to get around my room with my eyes shut because without my glasses depth disappears. I walked into the MRI scanner the last time I was there: the floor, walls and scanner were all the same grey. Then I couldn’t see my glasses to put them back on. I felt like a two legged mouse going round in a circle. It’s times like that I’m sure there’s some controlling force in the Universe, else such ridiculous things would not happen – woman in gown going roun’ and roun’.

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  2. brendaflippen says:

    Yes! I tried YOGA ! Three days before emergency surgery for my back !!! I knew my back was on its last l-5&6. But everyone said,,,Oh God!! You haven’t tried YOGA????? Why not?? It cures everything. Well I do have a little of everything, and a lot of somethings ! But You a wasn’t needed for any of them !! But it helped finance my neurosurgeons new pool…..anyway…😏😏


  3. ZebraWitch says:

    I’m have a retrospective stalk of your blog this evening. Don’t be alarmed!
    Yeah… THIS. I used to love yoga. Even up until recently. Even beyond my diagnosis. It felt so good at the time… cracking and snapping my cracky bits… although it always hurt my wrists, elbows, neck… um pretty much every joint or weak spot. But hey… it’s YOGA! And along positivity and vitamin c, it can cure anything. 😑
    So anyway… I was mortified to discover that hanging all my weight on my bendy bits is really not good. This explains why I had a wider range of motion than everyone else in the class, but no stability with it. It really bothers me that I’ve been doing yoga as long as I have without knowing how bad it is for EDSers. I’ve probably disabled myself. X

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