Holy MRI, Batman!

So, it took a year of being ill to see a rheumatologist. I finally saw him on Tuesday. My urgent MRI of my lumbar spine and pelvis is booked in for Monday. What the? I didn’t think he was overly concerned but perhaps he is to make it so soon? Eek. Maybe I’ve just been lucky and got a cancellation. Yes, it will be that.

J has man flu so I’m too busy making him cups of tea and feeding him Lemsips to worry about myself! Man flu really does bring out the inner wimp of a man… Poor guy.


5 thoughts on “Holy MRI, Batman!

  1. brendaflippen says:

    Oh , Man Flu is the worst. They want do anything you tell them. They won’t stay in. They wont take the right meds and vitamin ! And they are sicker than any one has ever been . and dont try to argu them that they arent!!
    aaawwwww, Just let them have this one !!!


      1. Mrs HippyGeek says:

        If it’s private, less than a week.
        I’ve had a few – prepare to be bored & achey afterwards as you have to stay still.
        They’re also very loud, so ask for the headphones with music 🙂

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