No witty title, just feeling let down.

Well, I just wrote an entire post about how I was hoping rheumatology would take me seriously tomorrow as I’ve been sick for almost a year and waiting 3 months for an appointment since my GP finally referred me. But they just called to cancel because the doctor is off sick. It’ll now be at least the end of May/early June before I’m seen. I can’t have physiotherapy until I have pain relief. The pain clinic won’t see me until I see rheumatology.

Excuse me while I consume my weight in chocolate and cry.


6 thoughts on “No witty title, just feeling let down.

  1. nobody in particular says:

    That completely sucks. Thankfully chocolate doesn’t! Really hope things start to get sorted for you soon, situations like the one you’re in right now are so frustrating. Relying on people who don’t seem to share the same urgency as you is heart breaking. This is such a stupid cliché so forgive me, but it sounds like you’ve held on through so much rubbish, so keep holding on a little longer and just don’t let go yet. There’s still hope, it’s just hidden by the disappointment, and you will find it again when the dust settles a little. For now, chocolate will have to do.


    1. brokendownbody says:

      At least my boyfriend got paid today so I shall consume all the pizza, cookies an diet coke and deal with the digestive effects tomorrow! Bah ha ha.

      Relying on doctors who think that it’s all because I’m anxious is heart breaking. Literally my only cause of anxiety is dreading going to the doctor because they are a bag of dicks.

      I’ll keep going, I have to. There isn’t really another option. Thanks for reminding me though, sometimes it’s easy to forget how much crap you’ve already waded through and not to give up!

      R x

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      1. nobody in particular says:

        Sounds like my kind of menu! I ordered all of the above yesterday and it was amazing (am I the only one who finds that a hilarious coincidence?)
        It’s a shame that they don’t understand the significance their actions and attitudes have on the people they meet.
        It’s a pretty crap option, but yeah it kind of is the only one. Good luck! Enjoy the amazing comfort food x

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  2. Ms. Mango says:

    So heartbreaking! I feel your pain, no doubt you’d be disappointed. It takes so long to get GP’s to take us seriously and the specialists always end up being over scheduled and the waiting periods are ridiculous. Pizza and chocolate definitely sound like at the very least a temporary sanity keeper (though I’d be choosing diet Pepsi instead :P). Take care, I hope that you are able to get more support and help from your specialist than you have with your GP. xoxo

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  3. Bill says:

    Heⅼlo just wаnteԀ to givе you a quick heads up. The text in youhr ⲣost seem tto be running
    ooff the screen in Opera. I’m not sure if this is a formatting issue or somethіng to do with browser compatіbility buut I thought І’d post to let
    ʏou know. The style and design look great thoսgh!
    Hope you gett the issue fixеd soоn. Kudos

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    1. brokendownbody says:

      Oh! Good to know, thanks. I have no idea about these things but I know a man who does. I’ll ask him to have a look 😊 if i’m on wordpress on my phone it’s usually though their app!


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