Someone, wake me up tomorrow?

I am so tired. I have been sleeping 12 hours a night and still feel like a zombie. My Mum would attribute this to “too much sleep” because she can’t get her head around that while most people would feel sluggish after 12 hours sleep, my body isn’t like most people’s right now. When I feel really worn out, I get quite upset that Mum can’t fully acknowledge that something really weird is going on with my body and all the things that are true for her, are probably not the case for me. She always assumes that my body will react to things in the same way that hers would… People never let me finish my sentences. I tried to explain to a friend that the generalised ache I have all over feels similar to how your arm aches the day after you have bloods taken – but everywhere. Because she didn’t let me finish, she thought I was moaning about my arm being sore from bloods the previous day. If only it was that simple… Because I’ve been sleeping wonky, my right shoulder is sore today which just adds to me being miserable.

I’m so tired, I just want to cry. Today gave me no spoons.

Ren x


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