Man! I Feel Like a Woman.

I recently underwent a series fairly intense gynaecological investigations, it felt like every doctor in Aberdeen had seen and prodded at my bits. I often wondered why doctor number six thought that they would see something that doctors one to five had missed, but you let them look because it only takes one person to spot the problem. No one spotted the problem because it doesn’t seem that the stem of my issues is gynaecological – more likely autoimmune, affecting my hormones (among other things) and indirectly affecting my bits. It only took many swabs, urine tests, pregnancy tests, smear tests, pelvic exams, internal ultrasounds, unnecessary antibiotics and a laparoscopy to get to the point where it was even considered that possibly, a woman with pelvic pain and genital pain MAY be suffering from a more systemic issue. I can’t help but wonder if a man would have gone through the same degrading rigmarole of people putting things up his penis…


Pre-laparoscopy stress face.

Now I’m waiting for a Rheumatology assessment. I was waiting for a pain clinic appointment, but they won’t see me until I see Rheumatology. I need to see a physiotherapist about my poker straight lumbar spine / sacroiliac joint pain but they won’t see me until I’ve seen the pain clinic… So, until I see Rheumatology, I’ve just to hang in there and twiddle my thumbs with no pain relief.

I went to see my GP the other week with my mother. Dr D was very open in the early stages that as I’d been seen by sexual health specialists, it seemed an unnecessary stress for him to look at my bits – I agreed. But when I rocked up the other week noting that things neither looked nor felt normal down there, he told me to make an appointment with a lady doctor. I also mentioned that the breast pain that I had previously seen a female doctor about was back and worse than ever. I have big boobs which weigh a lot on a good day – This isn’t helpful when 24 hours a day, I feel like someone has elbowed me square in the knocker! I can only lie on my back at night because if I roll over even slightly, it’s agony. Two weeks later, I get to see a female doctor. Efficient.

I don’t want the doctor to look at my lady bits for any other reason than to asses my symptoms. I don’t think that a male doctor should refuse to examine someone based on his own hang ups if the patient doesn’t give a monkeys!

Ren x


3 thoughts on “Man! I Feel Like a Woman.

  1. Ms. Mango says:

    Isn’t the ring around wonderful? I have spent years with the same back and forth between all sorts of specialists (funny enough rather opposite of you, the only one my doctor doesn’t think I need to see is gyno but alas I am going any way for my own peace of mind). I’ve noticed too that any of my male doctors have been hesitant to poke and prod even near any lady bits. As far as I’m concerned if it’s going to help them figure out whats wrong, get it done with, I don’t mind. I do hope that you are able to find relief soon, pain is horrible enough, no need to add the stress of all of that.


    1. brokendownbody says:

      Thanks 🙂 Gynaecology is absolutely no fun but worth it if they can find and answer! Funnily enough, 30 seconds after I posted this, the postman came and delivered not only my Graze box BUT MY RHEUMATOLOGY APPOINTMENT!! It’s at the end of this month, but it’s much easier to hang in there knowing there is a date with hope attached to it. Hooray!! I also have an appointment on Friday for some acupuncture which at least relaxes me, so hopefully I can have a more positive couple of weeks.

      R x

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      1. Ms. Mango says:

        Yay! You’re right, at the very least having hope and a set timeline can surely help to keep positive. 🙂


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